Timeline legend
1966 Charlie Butten invented the first distributed amplifier beltpack system: RS-100.   April 18, 1968 Bob Cohen incorporated Clear-Com
1970 The RS-100A analog wired beltpack was launched.   1971 Introduced the first speaker station called KB-100, known as the King Biscuit

1971 HME: Harry Miyahira founded HM Electronics (HME), and developed the first wireless intercom for professional audio market   1976 Drake Electronics developed the 4-wire and control modular card based intercom 600-series
1978 Clear-Com introduced MX-808 the first 4-channel or 8-channel analog partyline intercom system Launched the first 8-channel analog partyline intercom system and 8x40 assignment matrix, aka MX-840
1981 The RS-500 Series analog wired beltpacks was released Introduced the ICS-60 Matrix II: 1RU six-lever digital matrix intercom system
1983 RM-120, two-channel simultaneous partyline remote stations, was available to market.   1986 Introduced first intelligent user station PD6190.
1989 Introduced Matrix Plus intercom system with programmable stations and LCD display   1990 HME: Released the first UHF wireless intercom for Broadcast and Live markets: SYS800
1992 Drake: First Broadcast Intercom company to develop the 3000 Series digital intercom matrix based on the digital conference system for the Barcelona Olympics   1992 HME: Launched the first full-duplex wireless intercom communication system
1994 Introduced PL-Pro Intercom System   1997 Vitec Group acquired Clear-Com
1998 Vitec Group acquired Drake, co-operated business alongside Clear-Com   1998 Brought out ICS-1502 Matrix II: 24 lever digital matrix intercom system Matrix Plus 3 becomes industry standard
1999 Clear-Com acquired Vega, the early pioneer of wireless microphone and intercom
2000 Introduced the first 1RU fully-featured PiCo matrix intercom system   2002 Introduced the first multi-zone roaming digital wireless intercom system called FreeSpeak
2003 Introduced the RS-600 Series analog wired beltpacks   2005 Introduced CellCom to the US markets, a FCC approved DECT wireless roaming system based on FreeSpeak.
2008 Clear-Com acquired TalkDynamics and offers first broadcast-grade IP-based intercom solution called Concert.
2010 HME acquires Clear-Com. HME pro audio wireless products merge with Clear-Com intercom systems to form the broadcast intercom portfolio on the market.
2011 Clear-Com and Charlie Butten were honored as recipients of the Technology Emmy Award for the first distributed amplifier beltpack system   2011 HME / Harry Miyahira was honored as recipients of the Technology Emmy Award for the first professional wireless beltpack
2012 Released HelixNet Digital Networked Partyline System   2013 Marketed the RS-700 series beltpacks
2014 Launched FreeSpeak II DECT-based duplex wireless intercom system Introduced LQ Series for connecting, extending and distributing audio and intercom signals over IP networks
2015 Released first Agent-IC mobile app as intercom client
2016 Clear-Com acquired Trilogy Communications, supplier of intercom solutions and master reference generators for the Broadcast, Defense and Industrial sectors

2018 Clear-Com celebrates its 50th Anniversary with partners and customers all over the world!