Clear-Com celebrates 50 years of linking people together over innovative intercom solutions. This video takes you back to the beginning of our history and the early days of how Clear-Com came to be.

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Fun Facts - April 25, 2018

Before Clear-Coms beltpacks were used, how did backstage communicate with front of house?
Fun Facts - April 25, 2018
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Message from our
CEO & President

We’re so pleased to welcome you to our celebration of 50 years of linking people together. While our brand has become synonymous with various products which allow professionals to work together, ultimately Clear-Com’s story is about people who have been part of our overall narrative.

On this interactive site, you will find contributions from many industry players like yourselves in the Clear-Com story – staff members, staff alumni, Partners of all sorts, and of course, our users – all of whom have participated in making us the dynamic and vital company that we are today. This is our collective expression of appreciation for each other and what we have achieved together over the years.

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We have accomplished a lot along the way and throughout this celebration you will see that this is more than just a trip down memory lane – the Clear-Com of 2018 is in many ways unrecognizable to the company that started in the crucible of the summer of love in San Francisco. Our technology platforms, our global scope, our diverse range of markets and applications are all way beyond the imaginations of Clear-Com’s founders. So while this is a look back, it’s also very much a chance to look forward to where our passionate spirit of innovation and ingenuity have taken us and where we are going from here.

Throughout this year, our company will be celebrating at different places in various parts of the world. We invite you to join us in this momentous occasion—either at a tradeshow, on this website, or on the social channels. Be sure to sign our guest book and check back often for new updates.

Together, let’s toast to the past, shape the present, and inspire the future.

Mitzi Dominguez, CEO

Bob Boster, President

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