Seth Morth, CEV, CEA, CTO
Clair Solutions
Engineering Manager

Clear-Com and Clair Brothers have a relationship that spans decades.  We were one of the first touring audio companies to utilize original Clear-Com products, and the durability of the Clear-Com product line has always served us well.

As our company has grown and changed, so too has Clear-Com.  What used to require an incredible amount of material to make a show happen, has been supplanted by an incredible amount of technology and experience for both companies.  The rugged enclosures from Clear-Com still exist, but what keeps bringing us back is the adaptation and expansion of their product line to meet the ever-advancing technology requirements of live production.

Like us, Clear-Com has widened their expertise to adroitly meet the needs of performance venues for permanent installations.  In systems we design and install, whether Audio, Video, Lighting, Control, or Automation/Rigging, Clear-Com is always our first choice, and with the variety of products Clear-Com offers it is always the best choice as well, regardless if the determining factor is cost, performance, features, or some combination of all three.

All of the advances Clear-Com has made with technology and networking are wonderful, but what is silently impressive, and so easily overlooked, is that Clear-Com products are more rugged than they have ever been, and that they fail less than they ever have.  No matter how the units are abused, what product line it is, or how complicated the system we are deploying is, I am always pleasantly surprised that the more we use Clear-Com, and the more units we field, there are still almost never any Clear-Com unit failures unless from wear and tear.

We have some very old installed systems going back decades, and though earmuffs will wear out on headsets—it is more likely that a cable inside a wall has decayed over time, rather than any Clear-Com unit exhibiting component failure.  We have seen buttons and knobs broken from years of use and abuse, but overall the unit functions fine on the inside.  We have seen awful things done to newer products like HelixNet, Eclipse, and FreeSpeak—and they have proven just as resilient.

When we need intercom that works, we use Clear-Com – it is that simple.

Driven by genuine passion, the Clair company makes it their mission to create astonishing audio, video, and lighting integration solutions that bring venues to life and enhance all aspects of the user’s sensory experience. Built on a solid foundation of hard work and integrity, their team of dedicated professionals makes it their goal to exceed expectations every day.

As a leading audio, video and lighting integrator, Clair Solutions has built a legacy of innovation in audio, but never once considered stopping there. Committed to bringing excellence to all aspects of a performance, this has made the company a top provider of design and installations of audio, video and lighting systems.

The Clair team’s ability to integrate audio, video, and lighting allows them to design an experience—rather than merely a system. This is evident in their extensive project experience, ranging from restaurants and houses of worship to stadiums and cruise ships.