Andy Barth
Tower Products / Markertek
VP of Sales

Markertek successfully sells Clear-Com product lines to a variety of markets, such as Education, Corporate, Arenas & Event venues, and Houses of Worship to name a few. The training and continued support we enjoy from Clear-Com instills confidence in our team to lead with stable and reliable Clear-Com solutions that our customers depend on.

Back in 1986 in a one car garage in Woodstock, New York – Markertek was born as a custom cable and interface shop. At that time, the portable video and audio production industry was just getting started and Markertek was there to create one-of-a-kind solutions to a hungry market who needed them.

Call it savvy, call it being at the right place at the right time — Markertek delivered engineered solutions at fair prices and in record time to TV stations, recording studios, duplicators, corporations and universities. News of their unique services travelled far and wide and pretty soon their single-line phone and neighborhood garage had to go!

Fast forward—or better yet—skip a few tracks later, to the powerhouse that Markertek is today. 130,000 square feet of engineering, manufacturing and distribution services in upstate New York serve a worldwide market of over 30,000 customers per year. The Markertek catalog has become standard equipment on every film and video production set as evidenced by their diverse customer list. In fact, major university communication departments use the Markertek catalog as a textbook.

The Markertek philosophy from day one was: “if it did not exist — we will build it.” No other supplier in the industry has quite the same passion and sheer drive to put it all together quite like Markertek. As they say: “If you love unique, you’ll love Markertek!”