Jean-Philip Blanchard
Directeur – Managing Partner

We have been a Clear-Com Partner for almost 15 years. Today they really offer the best complete talkback solutions available on the market, including IP connection, wireless, and even mobile apps.

Founded in 1996, Audiopole benefits from deep roots within the French professional audio industry, with expertise stretching across sectors as diverse as broadcast, live sound, AV and recording. Representing a wealth of leading brands including Studer, Clear-Com, Genelec, Beyerdynamic, MC2 and many more, the company is counted among France’s most respected suppliers.

Audiopole provides full service and support to customers including pre-sale studies, commissioning, training, on-air support and after-sales service and maintenance contracts including a 7-day hotline with dedicated support engineers and has been a Clear-Com Partner for almost 20 years.

In the broadcast market, Audiopole is the main audio equipment supplier for the leading government and private video companies such as France Television, AMP, and Euromedia.