Justin Emge
Application Engineer Supervisor

I’m the  Application Engineer Supervisor for the United States and I am coming up on one year at Clear-Com, my anniversary will be in May.

The best part about celebrating our 50th anniversary would be the excitement for the next 50 years.  Today we are the leader in our industry, and by a large margin.  The work being done by our engineers and executives has shown me that we will be around for a lot longer.  You could say that this company is like a fine wine, just getting better with age.

For the last decade I was a customer of Clear-Com’s within the broadcast industry. From the outside looking in I saw a dedicated team who was interested in making the customer happy by always going that extra mile.  I viewed Clear-Com as the Gold Standard, and I was even more impressed by that dedication once I joined the team a year ago.  I’m surrounded by countless men and women all over the world who are interested in making the best possible product and providing the best possible support before and after the sale.  I’m proud to be here and proud to represent the Clear-Com name.