Murat Ozer
Basari Yayincilik SIS.CIH
General Manager

I used to work in IT, and moved to the Broadcast sector about 5 years ago. I do not think any IT vendor—even Cisco—has such a strong market perception as Clear-Com. Sometimes, in system integration projects, we would discuss which products were more convenient, which ones we should use in the project. But we never discussed which audio brand we should select. It was always Clear-Com.

Basari Holding, established in Ankara as Basari Electronics in 1989, is presently among the top conglomerates in the IT and Telecommunications sector, operating with multiple companies under its umbrella.

Basari believes that the utilization of advanced technology and creative ideas are destined to be transformed into quality products and services and continues to grow its qualified work force and invest in target sectors.

Having set out on a worldwide mission to offer dependable contemporary technology products, Basari has taken its place amongst the firms that shape the IT and communications sector of the future.