Tim Grevenitz
Studio Hamburg Media Consult International (MCI)
Head of Sales and Marketing

In the world of intercom, Clear-Com has always remained at the forefront of design and invention based on their interaction with the customers that they serve; broadcast, film, live events, houses of worship. “Clear-Com, 50 shades of blue, our best wishes for the 50 years anniversary!!!

We listen to what our customers need and offer the best solutions – in terms of time, technology and partnership. This philosophy is our goal, and Clear-Com has always helped us achieve this ongoing objective. For many, many years we have been known inside Clear-Com as “the serial number 1 guys” because we are always hot to receive the first parts coming out of the production chain to share with our end users. In close cooperation, we carried out thousands of installations to enhance and ease our customers production communication.

During this long-term partnership, we achieved so much together like: installing a mesh communication network for ground-to-ground communication for the German air traffic control; installing one of the biggest, 10 fiber linked Eclipse matrix intercom systems in the world; and installing the first FreeSpeak system in 2002 which enabled users new freedom in professional communication. This is only a glimpse of the many milestones achieved through our trusting partnership. We appreciate very much that our input as early adopters of products is always taken so seriously to live a true partnership.

We celebrated our 40th in 2017, and for more of the half of our lifetime we have been partners with Clear-Com. We are looking forward to many more years to come under this same good, reliable cooperation.

As a proud Partner, we all wish our friends at Clear-Com the very best for another 50 prosperous and innovative years in their new, expanded facility, and we scream out loud: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLEAR-COM!!!”

Studio Hamburg MCI GmbH is a globally active trading and systems integration company located in Germany. Specializing in Professional Broadcast IT and A/V technology, the company has been a Clear-Com Partner for almost two decades. With their sound engineering know-how, customers enjoy working with MCI because of their close cooperation and enthusiasm they put behind their work.