Beau Monaghan
Meeting Services, Inc. (MSI)
Technology Manager

Clear-Com LQ has enabled us to bring our 20+ year old analog 2-wire com into the IP world and make it useful again. It also allows us to use analog 2-wire com with HelixNet and FreeSpeak II seamlessly, and do some very creative things with this technology. The continuous technology innovations the company delivers is one reason we are proud to be a Clear-Com Partner.

As with the rest of the USA, San Diego in the 1940s saw unprecedented growth and technological advancement. Meeting Services, Inc. (MSI) was born out of this newfound prosperity, providing audio and lighting equipment to local companies. Over the years, as San Diego’s industry and tourism expanded, MSI did as well, expertly designing and installing state of the art sound systems for the smallest corporate meetings to the largest conferences, conventions, trade shows, fundraisers, sporting events, artistic performances, and political speeches.

Over 70 years later, the MSI of today offers a complete line of event production, technological support, and equipment rental services, and continues to ensure the success, efficiency, and productivity of their clients’ special gatherings, large and small, around the block and around the world.