Yasuhiro Matsuoka
MTC Japan
Managing Director

We would like to congratulate the management and employees of Clear-Com on 50 years anniversary.

We started our business with Clear-Com when the company was located at Harrison Street, downtown in San Francisco. That was 40 years ago, and this year MTC also celebrates our 40th anniversary too.

We are really honored to have been a good Partner during this last half century of growth, and we look forward to continuing our mutually-beneficial relationship going forward as well. As a top Partner, we always request improvements and innovations to the Clear-Com team, and even if they are quite challenging, in the end Clear-Com always responds.

We have established our position as a pioneer and specialist group for communication systems in Japan, and look forward to seeing significant investments by Clear-Com for communication in IP networks and more, to retain this number one position in the market.  At the same time, we look towards developing growing markets, like Military Aerospace Government, and beyond.

Cheers to 90 years together in the industry!

Founded in 1979, the company has been a Clear-Com Partner since its inception. MTC Japan is not just a distributor, but also acts as a Consultant, a System designer and System Integrator for communication systems, TV and Radio studios, Broadcast mobile trucks, Sound and Conference systems.

Serving primarily the broadcast market, many of MTC’s customers are world renown. From major network stations in Japan like NHK, NTV, TV Asahi, TBS, and Fuji TV—to key government associations like the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo University, Keio University, Sofia University, Nippon University, to a myriad of well-known venues such as Tokyo Dome, Yahoo Dome, and National Theater Japan.

MTC works with manufactures like Sony, NEC, Panasonic, JVC, Ikegami, For-A. They support projects in TV mobile trucks including developing total systems for mobile or fixed studio installations as a system integrator. MTC brings their creativity and know-how to the forefront by designing custom products for clients and offering complete ongoing support.